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Reciprocal Clubs

Club House and Course

A visiting member of a Reciprocal Club is welcome to use the Club House and Course amenities upon payment of the applicable completion fees, provided:

  • A satisfactory introduction has been made, and a handicap record has been established.
  • Except by agreement with the Committee, the duration of the visit does not exceed 12 (twelve) games in any one year.
  • Except in the case of major events, the visitor will be bound by Club Rules and By-Laws and will be eligible to compete in the competition of the day.

All of the Clubs have full reciprocal rights. Members of these clubs may compete as Members in appropriate competitions. ALL other clubs' members must pay Visitors Fees for Social Golf and a surcharge on Competition Fees. All competitors and Reciprocal Club members who wish to play social golf must provide proof of membership and handicap.

Reciprocal Clubs

Reciprocal Clubs include:

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